2019-20 JBB

Executive Board





Keri Roth


Vice President:

Beth Kachel



Michelle Neumann



Vicki Thompson


Past President:

Glenna Fawcett

The Jenison Band Boosters (JBB) is a dynamic non-profit organization affiliated with the Jenison Parent & Booster Organizations (JPBO) of Jenison Public Schools. The Jenison Band Boosters was created to:

  • Promote and maintain an enthusiastic interest in the activities and projects of the band programs.

  • Lend all possible support, both moral and financial, to all members of the band programs.

  • Cooperate with the band directors and the school administrators of the Jenison Public Schools to the end that the band programs shall attain and maintain the highest possible degree of efficiency and excellence.

The JBB raise over $90,000 per year for the band programs, and provide countless hours of labor support. Without the Band Boosters, the cost to participate in marching band would likely be prohibitive for most. As statewide budget issues increase, the JBB is becoming more important to the students and parents of JPS every year.

The JBB provide numerous opportunities for parents and students to defray the cost of band by participating in annual fund raising events and the $CRIP Program. Students earn valuable cash credits that can be used to offset band related expenses. The JBB accounts for these and regularly posts the status of student credit earnings in the Band Office.

The JBB is proud to provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Scholarships / Financial Aide

  • Organization / Newsletter Publication

  • Sewing and Design

  • Feed The Band Program

  • Equipment Management

  • Uniform Management

  • Annual Fund Raising

  • Concessions

  • Student Chaperones

  • Music Education Assistance

  • Public Relations

  • Trips & Host Activities

While financial support is the primary purpose, JBB’s secondary purpose is to provide peoplepower. This is made possible by the selfless actions of numerous individuals - the parents of the band students. Volunteers are the “life-blood” of the organization. We greatly need and would sincerely appreciate your help!

2018-19 Jenison Band Booster Committee Chair Contacts

JBB Bylaw REvisions - April 2016