Poinsettia Sale

Sale Dates: Monday, October 31 - November 14th
Pickup Date: Friday December 2 starting at 3PM - 6PM in the high school pool entrance.
Student Credits: Each plant sold earns $4 into your student credit account!

6” poinsettia $10.00 (Red, White, Pink, Marble, Burgundy); 5-6 blooms/plant; average height: 14”

8.5” poinsettia $15.00 (Red, White, Pink, Marble); 18-22 blooms/plant; average height: 18-22”

Each plant comes in a dark green, pleated foil pot cover with a satin protective sleeve

Contact Stephanie Walker with any questions! 616-209-2257 or stephanie@stephaniesunlimitedcreations.com

Poinsettia Sales Order Form