Football Game - Thursday, August 25th

Thursday afternoon schedule:

3:00 Dismissed from Rehearsal
4:15 Uniform meeting for all Winds & Percussion - Auditorium. You should be wearing show shirts at this point, but no other part of your uniform yet. Make sure you have all uniform parts (including full length black socks and marching shoes) in your garment bag, and your shako in your shako box! Your garment bag and shako box must be clearly labeled with your name.
4:45 All students get in full uniform. Girls use choir room, boys use orchestra room.

5:15 Line up outside band/pool hallway in full uniform
5:30 Rehearsal begins in soccer stadium -
bring water bottles!
6:40 Rehearsal ends; line up for pregame.
6:50 Pregame performance
7:00 Football game vs. Forest Hills Central begins
8:00 (approx.) Halftime performance. After halftime, turn in plumes. When dismissed, you are free to get food (be VERY careful
with the uniform on!), use the restroom, etc. You must be back IN YOUR SEAT in sections, ready to play, at the END of the 3rd quarter! 9:00 (approx.) End of game. March back to the band room together for dismissal.